Roller Insert Bearings

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Roller bearings are bearings with cylindrical rolling elements (rollers) placed between inner and outer rings (called races). They are used in a variety of applications such as general machinery, machine tools, motors and reduction drives.Roller Bearings. Roller bearings like the one illustrated below are used in applications like conveyer belt rollers, where they must hold heavy radial loads. In these bearings, the roller is a cylinder, so the contact between the inner and outer race is not a point but a line. This spreads the load out over a larger area.



Insert bearings are based on sealed deep groove ball bearings in the 62 and 63 series, but have a convex outer ring and in most cases an extended inner ring with a specific locking device, enabling quick and easy mounting onto the shaft.


And with a massive selection to work with, finding Insert Bearings, or numerous other types of bearings, housings, couplings, shafts, oil seals or rod ends are all here in one place. And with so much more to offer, it just makes sense to shop in one place for everything you need.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Dodge S1U517-TAF-300 Roller Insert Bearings 50 mm 80 kN 200 mm 235.5 mm
Sealmaster ERCI 407 Roller Insert Bearings M 200x3 TMFN 30-40 222 mm 18 mm
Sealmaster ERCI 408 Roller Insert Bearings 29 kg 9 mm HM 3072 MS 3072
Sealmaster ERCI 407C Roller Insert Bearings 63.5 mm 1/4 NPT 230 kN SNW 130x5.3/16
Sealmaster RCI 212 Roller Insert Bearings Two Seals 7610 N 16000 rpm 22000 rpm
Sealmaster RCI 211 Roller Insert Bearings 100.0000 mm 1.00 mm 5000 rpm 65.000 mm
110 mm x 203.20 mm x 84.90 mm Cooper 01B110MEX Roller Insert Bearings 0.9 2.49 kg 36 mm 0.35
3.1875 in x 6.0000 in x 2.7830 in Cooper 01EB303GR Roller Insert Bearings 140 mm 48 mm 6 mm 3.74 kg
2.5000 in x 5.0000 in x 2.8460 in Cooper 02B208EX Roller Insert Bearings 35.000 mm 5600 rpm 34500 N 1.50 mm
Sealmaster USI5000-400-C Roller Insert Bearings M 16 1100 mm 1145 mm 190 kg
Sealmaster USI5000-207-C Roller Insert Bearings 43000 N 6700 rpm 40.000 mm 5000 rpm
Dodge 2HGDNB Roller Insert Bearings 111.125 mm 222.25 mm 46.831 mm 2 x 3/8-16 UNC